Escape (Dutch)

Peter Grootswagers
I have recently baught the Spielekonsole as you call it at Searching the internet I found the site with the and the Mosaic Bmp2Hex utility.
Escape Translation
The Escape game intriged me, I wanted to translate it to Dutch, so I grabbed the GIMP to change the Navigation.bmp.
Gimp and Mosaic
Now the problem occured that GIMP exports to WINDOWS95 bitmap type (BitmapInfoHeader has size 108 instead of 40) and the Mosaic site chokes on that type. After some googling I found the c-source of bmp2hex, upgraded it to cope with the w95 bitmap type and the upside down pecularity of the stored pixels. As the GIMP can also export to pbm ascii format I wrote a pbm2hex.c too.
My efforts can be found in attached library as GameEngine6 in folder GameEngine6/Bitmaps are the bmp2hex.c and pbm2hex.c.